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ACCORHOTELS – PLANET 21 Acting for Positive Hospitality

Because the environment is the raw material of tourism Our Group has assessed this in 1974. Since then, we have kept on pushing the lines. Because we are far more than a leader, located in more than 90 countries. Because we are like a city welcoming every day 500,000 guests, providing water, energy, food…

With Planet 21, we take commitments for 2020, with the ambition to drive the change towards Positive Hospitality, wherever we are. Because every one of our hotels is a world in itself

Our Group has been arguing the case for sustainable development since 1974, in a pioneering – but completely natural – approach. Hospitality is our business, and paying attention to our environment is a necessity.
The 240,000 women and men in nearly 4,100 establishments in 95 countries have always been guided by respect for the planet and its inhabitants. Since 2011, with Planet 21, our global sustainable development program, we helped raise awareness and contributed to concrete initiatives in key areas of concern.

Planet 21|2020 – Because as a player and a leader we must set the example

To prepare the new phase of PLANET 21 for the 2016-2020 period, we completely reviewed all our fundamentals, reassessed our environmental footprint, measured our global socio economic footprint for the first time and questioned our guests.  Using this sound methodological approach as a basis and our Ethics and Corporate social responsibility charter as a framework, new ambitions have been defined for 2020.
Sébastien Bazin, group’s Chairman & CEO: “Today, we want to scale up our ambitions by banking on innovation and accountability. Planet 21 Season 2 must enable us to create wealth sustainably and curb our negative impacts through the mobilisation of our employees, guests, partners and local communities. Our vision is to drive the change towards positive, more responsible and inventive hospitality, wherever we are.”
Because our everyday lives are made up of contact and interaction with all the men and women who live the hotel experience and make it possible, it is with and for them that we have chosen to act.

Our 4 commitments:

  1. be an inclusive company and ensure the welfare of our people. We set goals to increase the commitment of our employees and be open to diversity and inclusion.
  2. encourage our guests to act as multipliers of the positive effects of our actions. Reinforce the hotels environmental standards for hospitality services
  3. establish a lasting relationship with our partners, who share our commitments and are working with us to produce innovative solutions that have a positive impact.

work hand-in-hand with local communities, especially on solidarity, child protection and reforestation

2 focus areas are key challenges:

  1. healthy and sustainable food, integrating an ambitious commitment, notably to reduce food waste in our restaurants by 30 %
  2. for our buildings: Zero carbon, zero waste, as well as increasingly controlled energy and water consumption


Example of 4 key projects that meet our commitments:

1.Reusing soaps: In order to give a second life to the tons of soaps wasted every year, we support different programs in dozens of countries to collect, recycle and redistribute the soaps to improve sanitary condition in local communities. This contributes to our objective: 100 % Hotels engaged in citizen or solidarity projects.
2. Fight against Food waste: Hand in hand with innovative foodtech start-ups, we have launched a series of pilots to test new devices and applications to measure and monitor food waste and train our staff in kitchen to reduce wastage. First results are very encoring, with up to 80% reduction in some hotels.
3. Energy Observer: We partner a major disruptive project: the first ever hydrogen vessel, embarking the latest and most innovative clean energy technologies that will be tested and optimized during a 6 years round the world trip. Through this partnership, we will have access to the best technologies and scientists that will help us assess and roll out carbon free equipment in our hotels.
4. 1000 Urban Vegetable Gardens in our hotels.  Projects which permits to involve our employees and to interact with our guests and to revegetate our environment. Already 200+ gardens implemented in our hotels within few months.

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